The ISPIM 2014 Sustainable Business Model “Package”

Sustainable Business

The XXV ISPIM Conference (Dublin, Ireland, 8-11 June 2014) focuses on “Innovation for Sustainable Economy & Society”. ISPIM is The International Society for Professional Innovation Management which, of course, pays a lot of attention to business model-related topics in research and practice.

Screening the currently available ISPIM 2014 conference program shows that sustainable business models and sustainable business model innovation are among the most important conference topics. The program even contains a whole session on “Sustainable Business Models”.

All SBM-related conference contributions (please send a message if any is missing) are listed below, including author names and abstracts, to help people interested in SBM research navigate through the program (source). According references were also added to our open SBM reference list.

Session 1.1: Sustainable Business Models

“Hybrid Business Models for Sustainability: A Business Model Design Approach” by Rüdiger Hahn & Patrick Spieth

Hybrid business models pursuing social…

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Preview: NBS-SA Research on Sustainable Business Models for Shared Value

Sustainable Business

The Network for Business Sustainability (NBS), a non-profit organisation founded in Canada in 2005, and its regional affiliate Network for Business Sustainability South Africa (NBS-SA) called for an academic review of sustainable business models for shared value creation.

This review project is led by SBM blogger Florian Lüdeke-Freund in cooperation with Nancy Bocken, Lorenzo Massa, Alan Brent and Josephine Musango (both Stellenbosch University and Lynedoch Sustainability Institute, South Africa). The team is currently reviewing academic and practice publications, conducting interviews with business model and shared value experts and working on an extensive review report which can be expected in late 2015 or early 2016.

A preview can be found here.

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What Twitter Can Be.


Disclaimers: 1) This is a very long read. Thinking about a company and using its product obsessively for nine years straight will do that to you. 2) My funds and I own a lot of Twitter stock. 3) I do not speak for Twitter. 4) I have no inside information about Twitter. The company could already be building all the stuff below. I sincerely hope they are.

Summary For Executives And Non-Executives Alike:

I believe in Twitter. The company itself is improving, not worsening. The stock market doesn’t get that because Twitter has failed to tell its own story to investors and users. Here is how I think that story could unfold:

Hundreds of millions of new users will join and stay active on Twitter, hundreds of millions of inactive users will return to Twitter, and hundreds of millions more will use Twitter from the outside if Twitter can:

  1. Make Tweets…

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Guide: Using the SAMR Model to Guide Learning

That #EdTech Guy's Blog

Technology is an immense tool that can transform the way students learn. One of my favourite quotes which demonstrates this comes from Steve Jobs:

What a computer is to me is it’s the most remarkable tool that we’ve ever come up with, and it’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.

To me, this quote best illustrates the potential impact technology can have on learning. However for this impact to be felt, technology needs to be used effectively. To help with that, there are various models available, one of which is the Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition Model (SAMR for short):
(Image Credit: Jonathan Brubaker (@mrjbrubaker))

The SAMR Model (above) was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. It enables educators to analyse how effective their use of technology is on teaching and learning. The model ranges from Substitution to Redefinition and the…

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Man arrested for shooting $1,800 drone won’t apologize, cites privacy


When William Meredith’s two daughters complained of a drone flying over the house last Sunday, the 47-year-old Kentucky man took action: he fetched a shotgun and blew the machine from the sky. When the drone’s angry owners came to confront him about the harm to the $1800 drone, Meredith warned them to stand down or there would be another shooting.

These antics landed him in county jail for first degree criminal mischief and wanton endangerment. But as Louisville’s WDRB reports, Meredith is not sorry, and believes he had a right to do what he did:

“He didn’t just fly over,” he said. “If he had been moving and just kept moving, that would have been one thing — but when he come directly over our heads, and just hovered there, I felt like I had the right.”

“You know, when you’re in your own property, within a six-foot privacy…

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News Feed FYI: A Better Understanding of “Hide”

Facebook Newsroom

By Sami Tas, Software Engineer & Meihong Wang, Engineering Manager

The goal of News Feed is to show you the content that matters to you. The actions people take on Facebook—liking, commenting or sharing a post—are some of the main factors we consider to determine what to show at the top of your News Feed. We also offer the option to hide stories that you don’t want to see in News Feed. This helps us learn the kinds of stories you don’t enjoy, so we can do a better job in the future.

Many people choose to hide stories they don’t like, but most people do this only occasionally. Hiding something is usually a strong indication that someone didn’t want to see a particular post. There is also a small group of people on Facebook who hide a very high number of stories in their News Feed. In…

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