The ISPIM 2014 Sustainable Business Model “Package”

Sustainable Business

The XXV ISPIM Conference (Dublin, Ireland, 8-11 June 2014) focuses on “Innovation for Sustainable Economy & Society”. ISPIM is The International Society for Professional Innovation Management which, of course, pays a lot of attention to business model-related topics in research and practice.

Screening the currently available ISPIM 2014 conference program shows that sustainable business models and sustainable business model innovation are among the most important conference topics. The program even contains a whole session on “Sustainable Business Models”.

All SBM-related conference contributions (please send a message if any is missing) are listed below, including author names and abstracts, to help people interested in SBM research navigate through the program (source). According references were also added to our open SBM reference list.

Session 1.1: Sustainable Business Models

“Hybrid Business Models for Sustainability: A Business Model Design Approach” by Rüdiger Hahn & Patrick Spieth

Hybrid business models pursuing social…

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