Arduino v Arduino: Part II


Since our last article covering the Arduino v. Arduino case, we’ve received a couple of tips, done some more digging, and learned a lot more about what’s going on. We thought it was time to share the story with you as it develops.

The Players

In short, there are two companies calling themselves “Arduino” at the moment. One, Arduino LLC was founded by [Massimo Banzi], [David Cuartielles], [David Mellis], [Tom Igoe] and [Gianluca Martino] in 2009, runs the website, and has been directing and releasing the code that makes it all work. Most of these folks had been working together on what would become the Arduino project since as early as 2005.

The other “Arduino” used to be called Smart Projects and was the manufacturing arm of the project founded and run by [Gianluca Martino]. Smart Projects changed their name to Arduino SRL in November 2014. (A…

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Has a Twitter acquisition become inevitable? This investment banker says yes


Twitter’s share price [fortune-stock symbol=”TWTR”] continues to drift lower — it recently closed below $25, down almost 65% from the peak it hit after its initial offering in 2013 — but the company still doesn’t have a permanent CEO, more than two months after the departure of former chief executive Dick Costolo. That, combined with the slowing growth in its user base, makes it more or less inevitable that Twitter will be acquired, according to mergers and acquisitions specialist Victor Basta.

Basta is managing director of Magister Advisors, a boutique investment firm with offices in London and Silicon Valley. In a research note this week, the firm said that Twitter is a logical acquisition candidate for someone like Google [fortune-stock symbol=”GOOG”] or Facebook (I argued in an earlier post that Google’s de-emphasizing of its own social network, Google+, makes it even more likely that the company will eventually acquire…

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New media and old media are getting together because they need each other


As a number of news outlets have been predicting, Comcast’s NBCUniversal unit has invested $200 million in Vox Media, the parent company of sites like The Verge, Vox, and SB Nation. The cable provider is also widely expected to announce a similar-sized investment soon in BuzzFeed. In some ways, these deals are a marriage made in media heaven—both sides get something they need, and in the process they both make themselves look much more attractive than they otherwise would.

Take Vox. According to Quantcast, it gets about 75 million unique visitors a month to its various content sites. That’s impressive, but it’s not nearly as large as a site like The Huffington Post, which gets more than 125 million. And while Vox is building a native-advertising business, it’s not currently making money because it is trying to grow so quickly.

What does such a company need most of all, apart…

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Connect with Public Figures Through Live

Facebook Newsroom

By Vadim Lavrusik, Product Manager

We’re excited to introduce a new way for you to connect and interact with your favorite public figures on Facebook — through live video.

Starting today, public figures can share live video from Facebook Mentions, the app that makes it easy for athletes, musicians, politicians and other influencers to talk with their fans and each other. You can discover these live videos from public figures you follow in your News Feed.

You can comment on, like or share the video while watching a live broadcast. You can also see when your friends or other public figures start watching.

Live is an immersive and authentic way to connect with the public figures you care about, in real-time. If you don’t catch the live broadcast, you can also watch the video later on the public figure’s Page.

Keep an eye out for live broadcasts from

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Facebook takes on Medium and LinkedIn with new Notes look


Eagle-eyed programmer and blogging pioneer Dave Winer spotted something a little different on Facebook this week: An updated version of the social network’s Notes feature, which allows users to post longer pieces of writing than they might in a regular status update. With room for a large image at the top and a much cleaner design, the new version looks very much like Medium, the open blogging platform that was founded by former Twitter CEO Evan Williams after he left the company.

Users of Facebook [fortune-stock symbol=”FB”] could be forgiven for thinking that Notes is a brand-new feature, because it has been around for so long—and is so little used—that most people have either never heard of it or have forgotten that it exists. It was originally launched in 2006, but has been buried by subsequent enhancements to the service. Facebook confirmed it is experimenting with a new look.

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Special Issue “Business Models for Sustainability” – First Articles Available

Sustainable Business

Organization & Environment has started to publish some of the articles that will be contained in the Special Issue on “Business Models for Sustainability: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Transformation” (Schaltegger, Hansen & Lüdeke-Freund) as online-first versions.

The following articles are already available. A full introduction to the Special Issue will follow, once it is complete; two more articles and an editorial will follow.

  • Abdelkafi, N. & Täuscher, K. (2015): Business Models for Sustainability From a System Dynamics Perspective, Organization & Environment, first published on July 2, 2015,
  • Gauthier, C. & Gilomen, B. (2015): Business Models for Sustainability: Energy Efficiency in Urban Districts, Organization & Environment, first published on July 3, 2015,
  • Randles, S. & Laasch, O. (2015): Theorising the Normative Business Model, Organization & Environment, first published on July 2, 2015,
  • Wells, P. (2015): Economies of Scale Versus Small Is Beautiful: A Business Model Approach Based on Architecture…

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The ISPIM 2014 Sustainable Business Model “Package”

Sustainable Business

The XXV ISPIM Conference (Dublin, Ireland, 8-11 June 2014) focuses on “Innovation for Sustainable Economy & Society”. ISPIM is The International Society for Professional Innovation Management which, of course, pays a lot of attention to business model-related topics in research and practice.

Screening the currently available ISPIM 2014 conference program shows that sustainable business models and sustainable business model innovation are among the most important conference topics. The program even contains a whole session on “Sustainable Business Models”.

All SBM-related conference contributions (please send a message if any is missing) are listed below, including author names and abstracts, to help people interested in SBM research navigate through the program (source). According references were also added to our open SBM reference list.

Session 1.1: Sustainable Business Models

“Hybrid Business Models for Sustainability: A Business Model Design Approach” by Rüdiger Hahn & Patrick Spieth

Hybrid business models pursuing social…

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Preview: NBS-SA Research on Sustainable Business Models for Shared Value

Sustainable Business

The Network for Business Sustainability (NBS), a non-profit organisation founded in Canada in 2005, and its regional affiliate Network for Business Sustainability South Africa (NBS-SA) called for an academic review of sustainable business models for shared value creation.

This review project is led by SBM blogger Florian Lüdeke-Freund in cooperation with Nancy Bocken, Lorenzo Massa, Alan Brent and Josephine Musango (both Stellenbosch University and Lynedoch Sustainability Institute, South Africa). The team is currently reviewing academic and practice publications, conducting interviews with business model and shared value experts and working on an extensive review report which can be expected in late 2015 or early 2016.

A preview can be found here.

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