Ansa. Patate e ancora patate. Né il Governo né gli editori sanno cosa farsene di un’agenzia di stampa


Lo so, non ho rispettato la scadenza del 18 luglio. Ma in realtà quel giorno non è successo niente di che all’Ansa. Cosa che qualcuno vede già come un risultato, visto che non è scattata la cassa integrazione minacciata dall’azienda. Un risultato prodotto dalla trattativa a Palazzo Chigi, dove le rappresentanze sindacali, gli editori e il direttore sono andati spesso nelle ultime settimane. Ma aldilà dell’aver guadagnato un po’ di tempo, i termini della vertenza sono rimasti gli stessi e guardano tutti terra terra, là dove si coltivano le patate: un giorno in più o in meno nei contratti di solidarietà, un risparmio in più o in meno su missioni, straordinari o su quei collaboratori che, se vessati ancora, potrebbero davvero decidere di tagliare l’ossigeno all’agenzia per usare le vacanze estive in una bella ricognizione all’estero, disperdendo altrove l’esperienza acquisita all’Ansa. Oggi perfino il Comitato di Redazione, la rappresentanza sindacale…

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Questioning; Challenge & Engagement

Gary King

Questioning blog

Questioning is a fundamental element of pedagogy, one you could read endlessly around, but the reality is using questioning to challenge and engage all learners is demanding and potentially problematic to get right. Recently I’ve been working with a team of teachers, shaping our CPD model in preparation for the new academic year. Engaging in dialogue around teaching and learning with colleagues is always a pleasure and extremely informative, and one aspect continually crops up; deep, challenging and engaging questioning. Firstly, I think it’s crucial to outline what we are trying to achieve when we think about the purpose of questioning, for me it includes the following:

  • Allowing students to develop a fuller understanding of a concept because they have tried to explain it
  • To easily recall existing knowledge
  • To be able to link the ideas in the lesson with existing knowledge
  • To tackle problems at a deep level and…

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Mozilla and data sharing


Firefox users becoming upset:

TL;DR of the privacy policy:

Read it Later, Inc. is collecting a lot of intimate information and is tracking you.

When you share something through Pocket with a friend, the emails contains spying material using malware-like techniques to track your friends.

They are sharing those information with trusted third parties (Could be anyone they are doing business with.).

The policy might change, and it’s your responsibility to check Pocket’s website to see if it has.

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Joseph E. Stiglitz: The U.S. Must Save Greece


As the Greek saga continues, many have marveled at Germany’s chutzpah. It received, in real terms, one of the largest bailout and debt reduction in history and unconditional aid from the U.S. in the Marshall Plan. And yet it refuses even to discuss debt relief. Many, too, have marveled at how Germany has done so well in the propaganda game, selling an image of a long-failed state that refuses to go along with the minimal conditions demanded in return for generous aid.

The facts prove otherwise: From the mid-90’s to the beginning of the crisis, the Greek economy was growing at a faster rate than the EU average (3.9% vs 2.4%). The Greeks took austerity to heart, slashing expenditures and increasing taxes. They even achieved a primary surplus (that is, tax revenues exceeded expenditures excluding interest payments), and their fiscal position would have been truly impressive had they not gone…

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Cats and Their People: A Reading List


While my boyfriend’s parents are away, their cat(s) and I play. Well, one of them plays. The other, a very, very large tabby, resents my presence and hides under the bed, sneaking downstairs to eat only when Micah, a slim Russian Blue, and I have fallen asleep on the couch. This is my first time cat sitting.

For years, I was an avowed dog person, despite the yapping tendencies of my family’s Bichon Frisé. I liked the validation dogs provide, and I didn’t think cats liked me. I was also allergic to cats, like my mom.

Micah and his brother, Jonah, lived together in a swanky nursing home. When the authorities decided the situation wasn’t ideal for the residents or the felines, my friend Abbie adopted Jonah. Jonah won over everyone he met, including me. Russian Blues are notoriously friendly. They’re extremely affectionate, and never standoffish. In other words, they defy every cat stereotype.

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