Storytelling and Scaffolding

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As i continue to develop the Scaffolded Social Learning model, i’m struck by the importance of the Storyteller role. Under a scaffolded approach, we use two elements: formal and co-created social. The formal elements are the organisational side of the story: it creates a series of frames that we operate within. The social is the co-created conversations and activities that take place within the scaffolding. By combining formal and social elements within the scaffolding, we get the sense of travel and parameters that the organisation needs, but we benefit from the sense making function and wisdom of the community.

Scaffolding and Storytelling

Done well, it’s a truly co-created experience. Done badly, it’s formal learning with a forum stuck on.

I’ve shared some components before: the model itself and, more recently, ten types of co-creative behaviours that we may utilise in design. I’ve also talked about levels of storytelling: personal, co-created and…

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