You can now call or text anyone with end-to-end encryption, for free


For years, smartphone users have been out of luck if they wanted to call or text everyone in their address books for free using encryption. iPhone users could send each other encrypted texts with iMessage, and free apps existed to help Android users communicate with each other securely. But there was no way to send secure messages from an iPhone to an Android phone, or vice versa, unless you signed up for a monthly subscription plan and got the person you wanted to communicate with to sign up for it too.

That’s changing today, as San Francisco-based Open Whisper Systems is adding encrypted texting to its encrypted calling iPhone app Signal, with the release of Signal 2.0. Now, no matter which smartphone you own, you’ll be able to call or text any other smartphone for free with end-to-end encryption turned on. To have a conversation that’s protected from hackers, wiretappers, or the…

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