The Economist’s Digital Editor predicts Wearables will kill the Healthcare Insurance industry

mHealth Insight

Tom Standage Economist

…(17min) data meets healthcare: the chart in the background is cost per genome. So the sequencing of the first human genome took a decade and cost $3 Billion and you can now do it for a $1,000 in slightly less than 48 hours and this is an improvement in price/performance that is much faster than Moore’s Law… …this means that genomics, whole genomic comparison that the NHS is currently doing this program to sequence 100,000 people and then you can start to work out which genes correlate with diseases and so on, the problem is it used to be the sequencing that was the hard bit and it’s now actually the data analysis because the computers aren’t really keeping up it’s pretty hard but the tools are improving and this allows you to do some very interesting things, it allows you to have digital healthcare. It allows you to…

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