Consolidate this: Quantified self edition


My friend, Kevin Kelly, coined the term quantified self in October of 2007 with this blog post. In the in six years since, the fruits of such self quantification can now be found on the TV, the radio, and all over the internet. Let’s take stock and explore how the concept of the quantified self has grown from a small idea to national movement.

Kelly argued that the question of who we are — and more importantly, what it means to be a human person — is central to our experience of technology these days. He thinks that the answers to big existential questions will be found in the personal. As he wrote, “real change will happen in individuals as they work through self-knowledge.”

Kelly also proposed a starter list of quantified self categories, including but not limited to: chemical body load counts, personal genome sequencing, lifelogging, self-experimentation, location…

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